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"Black Sea Cruise-October 2007"
This is a photographic tour of our trip to the Black Sea in 2007. We departed Bridgeport on 5 October 2007 and flew to Rome, Italy. We boarded the "Prinsendam" which is a Holland American Cruise Line vessel. We will give you a day by day view of the trip. Each day will have one or two thumbnail images on the left. These images gives a short description of the days location and the daily events. Click on the images to see a full size image that is readable.

To view the photographs of each days activities you have two options: (1) click your left mouse button on the highlighted word " THUMBNAILS". This will give you a page of thumbnail images. Click on each thumbnail to view the full size photo. Click on the Back Button in the left corner of your screen to return to this page. (2) Click on the word "SLIDE SHOW" to view a slide show of all the photos. Follow directions on the screen to play the slide show. To stop the slide show right click on your desktop and click on "file" then click on "exit". Try each to see which you like the best. You need broadband for the slide show.

Introduction: The first set of photographs describes the trip from Bridgeport to the boarding of the Prinsendam.


Day 1: Civitavecchia, Italy to Dubrovnik, Croatia


Day 2: At Sea

Day 3: Toured Dubrovnik, Croatia then departed for Sarande, Albania


Day 4: We spend the day in Albania then sail for Katakolon, Greece.


Day 5: We traveled by bus from Katakolon to Olympia, Greece. Toured Olympia then returned to the ship and headed to Istanbul, Turkey.


Day 6: At Sea

Day 7: We spend the day in Istanbul, Turkey then head for Sochi, Russia


Day 8: At Sea

Day 9: We spent the day on the ship. The weather prevented the ship from entering the port and the sea was to rough for the tender boats to carry passengers to shore.


Day 10: Yalta, Ukraine was toured today. This was a beautiful city.


Day 11: We toured Constanta, Romainia today then sailed for Varna, Bulgaria


Day 12: We are in Varna, Bulgaria today. The ship sails for Kusadasi, Turkey


Day 13: Today were at sea heading to Kusadasi, Turkey. We sailed through the Bosporus Straits where we got a good view of Kusadasi, Turkey from the ship. We then went through the Dardanelles on the way to Kusadasi.


Day 14: We docked in Kusadasi and were bused to Ephesus, Turkey. We returned to the ship and sailed to Athens, Greece where we boarded Continental Airlines for our flight home.


We hope you have enjoyed the photographic tour.