Steps taken by Bruce & Dottie Salisbury to get a mountain named


Dottie and I had been driving around the high country enjoying the scenery and we stopped at Lizard Head Pass parking area one winter day on 2002, to admire the panorama of mountains surrounding us. We were drinking hot coffee and having a sandwich when Dottie gazed at Sheep Mountain and opined: “Wouldn’t a beautiful mountain like that one make a wonderful memorial to the killed and missing in action military people who have given their all for America?”

We decided that naming a mountain couldn’t be that hard, so we determined that we two would just do it. Little did we know that almost  six years would elapse before Mount KIA/MIA would finally be named, not here at Sheep Mountain Number 38, but far away in Saguache County Colorado, and that an unnamed 11,282 ft. mountain was to become Mount KIA/MIA in 2007.

We received some harsh criticism from some quarters, but a gentler and more reasonable article was written by “The Sheep Mountain Alliance” and we share it with you here.

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