Trip To Creede and Lake City, Colorado

21 & 22 June 2000



On the morning of 21 June 2000, Peggy and I left Red River and started a journey

to Creede and Lake City, Colorado. From Red River we went to Questa, NM and

turned north on Hwy 522. As we passed through Costilla, NM an entered Colorado

the highway changed to HWY 159. We passed through San Luis, oldest town in

Colorado, and proceeded on to Fort Garland. At Fort Garland we headed west on

Hwy 160 toward Alamosa, Colorado. On the North side of the road you can see some

of Colorado's highest mountains, mainly Blanca and Little Bear peaks.


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100- Blanca & Little Bear Peaks.JPG
100- Blanca & Little Bear Peaks

101-Mt Lindsey Peak on Right.JPG
101-Mt Lindsey Peak on Right

102-Blanca & Eling Wood Point.JPG
102-Blanca & Eling Wood Point



We continued on through Alamosa, Monte Vista, Del Norte, and South Fork.  At

South Fork we turned northeast on Hwy 149. When we arrived in Creede we parked

on Main Street and had lunch at a local deli. After lunch we wondered up and

down the street visiting all the shops.





200-Creede, Colorado.JPG
200-Creede, Colorado

201- Downtown Creede.JPG
201- Downtown Creede

202-Creede Downtown.JPG
202-Creede Downtown

203-Creede Downtown.JPG
203-Creede Downtown

204- Creede Downtown.JPG
204- Creede Downtown

205-Creede Main Street.JPG
205-Creede Main Street

206-Creede Museum.JPG
206-Creede Museum




Just off Main Street is the Creede Railroad Depot, which has been turned into a

museum. The railroad stopped running trains in the early 1950's. We toured the

museum, which turned out to be a typical small town museum.






209-Museum Fire Truck.JPG
209-Museum Fire Truck

210-Museum Bar.JPG
210-Museum Bar

211 -Museum Bar.JPG
211 -Museum Bar

212-Museum Gaming Table.JPG
212-Museum Gaming Table



Being interested in the mining activities of the area we took the Bachelor

Historic Mining Tour. The tour route is 17 miles long and starts at the south

end of Creede and travels north through Creede, up West Willow Creek to the

Equity Mine. From there, the route turns back to the south and follows the

Bachelor Road back to the south end of town.





213-Historic Mining Country.JPG
213-Historic Mining Country

214-Commodore Mine Water Line.JPG
214-Commodore Mine Water Line

214-Commodore Mine.JPG
214-Commodore Mine

215-Commodore Mine.JPG
215-Commodore Mine

216-Commodore Ore House.JPG
216-Commodore Ore House

217-Commodore mine.JPG
217-Commodore mine

218-Commodore mine Ore Chutes.JPG
218-Commodore mine Ore Chutes

219-Black Pith Area.JPG
219-Black Pith Area

220-Weaver Town Site.JPG
220-Weaver Town Site

221-Amethyst Mine.JPG
221-Amethyst Mine

222-Last Chance Mine.JPG
222-Last Chance Mine

223-Midwest Mine.JPG
223-Midwest Mine

224-Park Regent Mine.JPG
224-Park Regent Mine

225-Bull Dog Mountain.JPG
225-Bull Dog Mountain

226-Rio Grande Valley.JPG
226-Rio Grande Valley

226-Windy Gulch Lookout.JPG
226-Windy Gulch Lookout





231-Bull Dog Mine.JPG
231-Bull Dog Mine





Following the mining tour, we continued on Hwy 149 toward Lake City.  My nephew

Jim Pyeatt and his wife Cindy have a lot in Eagle Nest subdivision that is about

8 miles from Creede. We found the place and drove by and p--ed on their lot.  

Boy was that fun with all the neighbors watching.




300-Eagle Nest Park.JPG
300-Eagle Nest Park

301-Eagle Nest Landmark.JPG
301-Eagle Nest Landmark

302-Jim & Cindy's Lot.JPG
302-Jim & Cindy's Lot



The drive up Hwy 149 goes along the Rio Grande River. The view along the river

is spectacular.




400-Rio Grande Sign.JPG
400-Rio Grande Sign

401-Rio Grande Valley.JPG
401-Rio Grande Valley

402-Rio Grande Valley.JPG
402-Rio Grande Valley

403-Rio Grande Valley.JPG
403-Rio Grande Valley

404-Rio Grande Valley.JPG
404-Rio Grande Valley

405-Rio Grande Valley.JPG
405-Rio Grande Valley




The highway has been climbing in altitude and goes over Spring Creek Pass

(10,001 ft) and Slumgullion Pass (11,361 ft).  After passing over Slumgullion

Pass we came upon a lookout point called Windy Point. The view from Windy Point

was excellent. The San Juan Mountain range loomed in the foreground.




500-Slumgullion Pass 11,361 Ft.JPG
500-Slumgullion Pass 11,361 Ft

501-Windy Point.JPG
501-Windy Point

502-Windy Point 1 .JPG
502-Windy Point 1

503-Red Mountain.JPG
503-Red Mountain

504-Red Mountain.JPG
504-Red Mountain

504-Windy Point Sign 2.JPG
504-Windy Point Sign 2

505-Matterhorn Area.JPG
505-Matterhorn Area

506-Matterhorn Area.JPG
506-Matterhorn Area

507-Matterhorn Area.JPG
507-Matterhorn Area

508-Matterhorn Area.JPG
508-Matterhorn Area

509-Matterhorn Area.JPG
509-Matterhorn Area

510-Windy Point Sign 3.JPG
510-Windy Point Sign 3

511-Slumgullion Slide Area.JPG
511-Slumgullion Slide Area

512-Slumgullion Slide Area.JPG
512-Slumgullion Slide Area

513-Slumgullion Slide Area.JPG
513-Slumgullion Slide Area

514-Slumgullion Slide Area.JPG
514-Slumgullion Slide Area





From Windy Point, we drove into Lake City. A city tour was in order followed by

dinner and over night in a local motel.




600-Lake City Area.JPG
600-Lake City Area

601-Lake City Area.JPG
601-Lake City Area

602-Lake City Downtown.JPG
602-Lake City Downtown

603-Lake City Downtown.JPG
603-Lake City Downtown

604-Lake City Downtown.JPG
604-Lake City Downtown

605-Lake City Park.JPG
605-Lake City Park



On the morning of 22 June we departed Lake City and drove to Lake San Cristobal.

 This Lake was formed 700 years ago when a large portion of Slumgullion Mountain

gave way and slid down and blocked the Gunnison River.  The drive around the

lake was winding and narrow but beautiful.




700-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
700-Lake San Cristobal

701-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
701-Lake San Cristobal

702-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
702-Lake San Cristobal

703-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
703-Lake San Cristobal

704-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
704-Lake San Cristobal

705-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
705-Lake San Cristobal

706-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
706-Lake San Cristobal

707-Lake San Cristobal.JPG
707-Lake San Cristobal



We left the lake and started out drive back to Creede. On the way we stopped at

the Clear Creek overlook. This is at the headwaters of the Rio Grande and you

get a great view of a waterfall as the Rio Grande starts it way to the Gulf of




800-North Clear Creek Falls.JPG
800-North Clear Creek Falls





805-Rio Grande Below Falls.JPG
805-Rio Grande Below Falls


807-Bird Nests.JPG
807-Bird Nests




On our way back to Red River we stopped in Alamosa to have lunch and shop for

groceries. At the City Market a 1933 Franklin was parked in front of the store.

It had been restored and looked like a new one.




900-Alamosa City Market.JPG
900-Alamosa City Market

901-19933 Franklin .JPG
901-19933 Franklin

902-1933 Franklin.JPG
902-1933 Franklin

903-1933 Franklin.JPG
903-1933 Franklin



We arrived back in Red River before dark. We recommend this trip for anyone

interested in seeing beautiful mountain countryside.


We hope you enjoyed our trip,


                         Royce & Peggy Raven