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Trip to Alaska 2005
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We made a trip to Alaska in May of 2005 to celebrate our 50 years of marrage. We started the trip by flying to Anchorage before our Cruise-Tour started with Holland American Cruise Line.. We stayed at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel. We toured "Anchorage" and made a day trip by train to Grandview via Whitter. Slide Show

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Day 1. Our Cruise-Tour started by boarding the Holland American "McKinley Explorer" train that took us from Anchorage to Denali. Slide Show

Day 2. We toured "Denali" and visited a sled dog traing home. We spent the night in the McKinley Chalet Resort. Slide Show

Day 3. We boarded a bus which drove us through "Denali Park". It was a very cloudy and rainy day. We saw a few animals such as birds, goats and sheep. We did not see a bear. Slide Show

Day 4. We boarded the "McKinley Explorer" Train and headed to Fairbanks, Alaska. Slide Show

Day 5. This morning we toured "Fairbanks" and in the afternoon we visited a National Historic District. We toured a big dredge that was used to extract gold from river sand and gravel. We ended the day by panning for goal. Slide Show

Day 6. On the Drive from "Fairbanks to Tok" we made a stop an examined the Alaska Pipeline. We spent the night in Tok at the Westmark Hotel. Slide Show

Day 7. We loaded the bus and "Drove to Chicken". We arrived in "Chicken" late in the morning, toured Chicken, then drove on to "Eagle" where we had a box lunch at the "Department of Interior Visitors Center". After lunch we toured Eagle, then boarded a "River Boat" and proceeded on to Dawson and checked in to the Westmark Inn.

Drive to Chicken Slide Show

Chicken Slide Show

Drive to Eagle Slide Show

Depart of Interior Visitors Center Slide Show

River Boat to Dawson Slide Show

Day 8. We spent the day touring the sites in "Dawson". Slide Show

Day 9. Today the bus took us to Moose Creek and Five Fingers Rapids Recreation Site on our "Trip from Dawson to Whitehorse". Slide Show

Day 10. We spent the day touring "Whitehorse" and the surrounding area. We rented a car and drove to Haines Junction then visited the Kluane Country. Slide Show

Day 11. Today we travel by bus from "Whitehorse to Frazier" train depot. When we arrived in Frazier we boarded the "White Pass Railroad Train" for our journey to Skagway. We arrived in "Skagway" in time for a tour of the city.

Whitehorse to Frazier Slide Show

White Pass Railroad Train Slide Show

Skagway Slide Show

Day 12. This morning we checked out of the hotel and boarded the "Volendam of the Holland American Cruise Line Fleet". The ship left the harbor at Skagway and headed to "Glacier Bay". We spent several hours in Glacier Bay then headed for Ketchikan where we docked for the night. After docking, we toured "Ketchikan".

Volendam Of the Holland American Cruise Line Slide Show

Glacier Bay Slide Show

Ketchikan Slide Show

Day 13. The Volendam left Ketchikan and "Cruised to Vancouver". Slide Show

Day 14. The ship arrived in Vancouver at 6 AM. We debarked and headed to the "Vancouver Airport". We boarded Continental Airlines and flew back to DFW via New Jersey airport. Slide Show

We hope you enjoyed the photo journey as much as we did the real thing.

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